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Lady of the Castle

 Amanda Yachechak is a true standout as Lena, a Jewish girl freshly emerging from hiding after four years. Yachechak’s beautiful soprano voice is the perfect vessel for helping audiences to appreciate the simple smell of spring and the light from the moon...Watching and hearing her see the outside world for the first time is surreal, and beautifully acted. - Theatre is Easy


Pride and Prejudice

As the independent Elizabeth, Amanda Yachechak portrays the intelligence and eventual remorse flexibly with a lovely floating soprano voice that is more than up to the music. - NiteLife Exchange

A superb voice and fine acting skills surface from Amanda Yachechak in the lead role of Elizabeth, the deepest, wittiest, and most independent-minded of the five Bennet sisters - Blog Critics


Angelina Ballerina

The biggest pleasure is Amanda Yachechak as the hilariously pretentious modern dancer Gracie. - Time Out: New York

A sparkling cast of young triple-threats - Backstage


August: Osage County

Amanda Yachechak as the Native American housekeeper is extremely strong in her portrayal. - White Plains CitizeNet Reporter

Amanda Yachechak as the newly hired housekeeper fills out a smaller role with commanding talent. - The Examiner


Birds on Fire

Kearney and Yachechak have beautiful singing voices, great chemistry, and much emotional honesty. - Off-Off-Online

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